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Product Information

Chlorobutyl rubber is produced by chlorination of regular butyl rubber. Chlorobutyl rubber has ability to co-vulcanize with other general purpose rubbers with different curing systems keeping all the characteristic advantages of butyl rubber. It can be used in applications requiring gas impermeability, high heat, weather and chemical resistance.

Heavy Duty Inner Tubes

Tubeless Tire inner liners

Curing Envelop

Inner linings for storage tanks

Properties IMPRAMER
C 1139
Unit Test Method
Mooney Viscosity (ML 1+8) @ 125°С (un-massed) 33.0 – 43.0 MU ASTM D1646
Chlorine 1.15 – 1.35 wt % RSEPL method
Volatile matter 0.50 Max. wt % ASTM D5668
Non-Staining Antioxidant 0.05 Min. wt % RSEPL method
Ash 0.50 Max. wt % ASTM D5667